About Omorose

While visiting Egypt, Terry Liau, founder of OMOROSE COSMETICS was struck by the stunning wall paintings at the Valley of the Queens depicting ancient queens and deities in make-up: Hence, ‘OMOROSE’, meaning ‘beautiful’ in ancient Egyptian. Committed to creating products from the heart which deliver exceptional results OMOROSE is formulated so that every person can find a product that appeals to them.

Being an experienced make-up artist specializing in ‘Prosthetic Make-up’ and ‘Special Make-up Effects’, Terry is also well-skilled in cosmetic formulation. After years of formulating cosmetics for other brands, he decided to develop his own cosmetics line. It took approximately 18 months to work on this heartwarming line and finally, launched Omorose Cosmetics in 2014. But, he knew from the very beginning that his cosmetics would delve deeper than colours and shades, styles and trends; it is about the passion for life and the true beauty in people.

Safe, Universal,  Beautiful

All OMOROSE products use only natural preservatives where needed, without using parabens and phenoxyethanol. Phthalates and mineral oil are also excluded from our products. Thus, our make-up range is safe for the beauty, health and self-worth of all the women who put their trust in us — even the cancer survivors.

Furthermore, the factory that manufactures all OMOROSE products has been certified with GMPC. ISO 9001:2008 standards and conforms to FDA. EEC and other international regulations. On top of that, as a cruelty-free brand. OMOROSE conducts no animal testing.

Although the range is small. OMOROSE’s colours and shades are broad and universal to suit every skin tone with the desire to cater aesthetic beauty to everyone from all walks of life.


Equal Opportunity and Excellent Quality

At OMOROSE, we firmly believe equal access and employment opportunities for persons with disability, which led us to make our make-up tables, counters and display shelves accessible for wheelchair users. On top of that, persons with disability make up 80% of our work force. In fact, we recognize that disability is no barrier and what matter most are their skills, knowledge, professionalism and high quality of works. OMOROSE is open to support and work with those with disability whenever possible.